2016’s Top Trends for Kitchens

Thanks to the expansive size of the space coupled with the fact that it is where all the food is stored the kitchen is often the most visited room in the house. A single-family member will generally make multiple trips in a day there whether they are making a hot drink, raiding the fridge, or cooking a meal.

With the beginning of 2016 fresh new design trends have surfaced, giving renovators a number of selections when wanting to create a contemporary and modern-feeling kitchen space. Based on these trends here are the most popular design and material trends, which will soon be appearing in kitchens everywhere.

1. Timber

Renowned for both its durability and its ability to bring warmth to a space timber surfaces and cupboards are making a comeback. Adding a natural presence to your kitchen space makes the kitchen feel less clinical and sterile while still maintaining the high standards of cleanliness and presentation.

2. Combined Spaces

Historically separated the growing trend of removing the barriers between the kitchen and the living room is set to take off in 2016. By combining the space you are increasing the convenience in transporting food, as well as creating a more comfortable and accessible kitchen. This two-fold advantage also will set your kitchen apart from others.

3. Subdued Shades

Steering away from the vibrant and loud colours or recent years the re-emergence of muted and subdued colours is a key trend to adopt. By integrating these colours into your kitchen area in a subtle way you will ensure that your space stays on the cutting edge.

4. Metal Trimming

The addition of a copper range hood or stylised metal bench edging will bring out the life of your kitchen. While metal tones such as silver and stainless steel are staples of the contemporary kitchen 2016 will see these design options phased out in favour of warmer metallic colours including copper, brass, and gold. This trend signifies an embrace of warmer design values and a noticeable step away from the sterile design trends that have dominated kitchen design in recent years.