4 Ways to Make Your New Kitchen Amazing

Are you looking to get a new kitchen but not sure where to start? We’ve put together some of our favourite kitchen design and renovation ideas to help you create the kitchen you truly want.

Modernise Your Stovetop

Moving beyond standard gas burners or electric hot plates can completely change the way you cook. Get creative with upgrading your stove so you can get even more creative in the kitchen.

Spice Things up with a Wok Burner

Ever tried to replicate the dazzling flavours of Chinese cuisine? It’s tricky to do, even with the right ingredients and a top-notch wok. The problem is that good stir fries require a huge amount of heat, and standard stove tops just don’t cut it.
Decking your stove top out with a wok burner will give you the heat and control you need to create fantastic Asian dishes. A perfect addition to any contemporary kitchen.

BBQ, Korean Style

Korean barbecue is blowing up in the USA and starting to catch on here. It’s fun, social, simple, and most importantly delicious. Add an indoor Korean barbecue grill to your stovetop and you’ll be throwing the best dinner parties in town.

Kitchen Makeover

Sometimes everything is working perfectly, but if it doesn’t look right it’s not going to feel right. If you’re deciding on a major kitchen renovation, then talk to us! House of Ktichens can make a big difference.

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A Lick of Paint

The easiest way to change the feel of a whole room is changing its colour. Painting your kitchen will bring a whole new mood to the room, but make sure you get it done professionally – a bad paint job is hard to hide.

Spend some time choosing your colours, remember you’ll be spending a lot of time in there. Personally, we think this two-tone kitchen is to die for.

Cabinets and Doors

Replacing your kitchen cabinet doors can make an old kitchen new again. There’s a huge range of styles out there, whether you’re after slick modern glass doors or elegant wooden doors for a classic kitchen look.

Upgrade Your Pantry

Your pantry should be an integrated part of your kitchen, not just an old cupboard or a bland storeroom. Reinvigorate your kitchen by making your pantry not only more practical, but a design feature.

There are heaps of unique stylistic choices out there to get you inspired. Check out these Japanese-style sliding doors and this majestic black kitchen cabinet and pantry.

A World of Possibilities

There are so many other options you could consider, from new bench tops to heating for that cold kitchen floor to simply changing the cabinet door knobs. Whatever you decide to do, be creative and have fun with it, it’s your kitchen after all.

If you want some expert help creating your dream kitchen, House of Kitchens can help. Call us for a quote on 02 9416 3365 or email us with your vision. You could also get inspiration and ideas from our kitchen design brochure. Feel free to browse our website – read more about how we design new custom kitchens or our 5-step process if you engage our kitchen design and install services.