5 Hot Kitchen Colour Schemes

Have you been looking at some of the new kitchen designs and colour schemes on the market and dreaming about seeing them in your home? If you have, then we have some good news for you. These fabulous new kitchen designs are a lot more accessible, and more affordable, than you might think.

If you want to check out your choices for new kitchen colour schemes, we have some advice for you.

The New Trends in Kitchen Colour Schemes

Kitchen colour schemes are categorised in terms of their mix of colours and tones, as well as any added colour features. A kitchen may contain multiple colour design elements, including marble kitchen bench tops, single colour cupboards and built in fridges and stoves.

Major Kitchen Colour Scheme Trends

There’s definitely no lack of choices of colour scheme for contemporary kitchens:

1. Monotone colour with dark trim – This is a relatively new design motif, using a simple colour scheme like a muted white colour, with darker trims on kitchen features. This colour scheme delivers an almost understated, elegant look and it does it effortlessly.

2. Two tone kitchen colour schemes – The big trend in modern, custom-built kitchens is a mix of two colours like a warm brown with a similar shade of off-white, for example, for the kitchen and flooring. Other popular colour schemes in this range include the well-known white and grey or darker colour mix.

3. Steel look kitchens – Modern steel look kitchens are extremely popular. Their colour schemes are based on a beautiful gleaming range of steel surfaces, offset with a two tone kitchen colour scheme. This very versatile range of colour schemes often includes special kitchen surface features, like marble benches.

4. Multicolour kitchen designs – These kitchens are typically custom-kitchen designs, incorporating core elements like the sink, benchtops, and cupboards in a mix of two or more colours and tones, with added highlight elements in a different, matching colour.

5. Hot colours – A new trend is the hot colour kitchen, using fiery reds in combination with warmer colours to create a truly fantastic, vibrant look. This type of colour scheme can be absolutely beautiful, and goes very well with a range of different types of flooring, notably tiles and top quality hardwoods.

Tips for Selecting Kitchen Colour Schemes

If you’re in the process of upgrading your kitchen and thinking about colour schemes, be sure to check out all your choices and be fussy. There are literally hundreds of colour schemes and custom kitchen options available and finding the right colours can make or break your kitchens.

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