Shaken or Stirred

Having friends around for a few drinks is much more fun when you can make authentic cocktails. Pick up a good cocktail shaker and some recipes, get your friends to bring a selection of fine beverages, and you’ll be set for a great party.

For a classy feel, try the Boston Cocktail shaker from Vin Bouquet. For something more fun, go for Oggi’s ‘dial-a-drink’ shaker with built-in recipes.

Good as Gravy

If you’re making gravy for your guests to have with dinner, you’ll be popular – gravy is delicious. But it might sour things if the gravy is cold, or if they’re having to spoon it out of a saucepan. Both problems are easily solved with a quality gravy boat.

The Le Creuset gravy boat is elegantly designed and made from quality ceramics to keep your gravy warm and make serving it easy.

Platter and Plates

If you’re throwing a real dinner party, you’ll need some large platters and a number of side plates for serving main courses and snacks on. Traditionally, these would be made from stainless steel or ceramics, but Sydney’s Dinosaur Designs take a different approach.

Their Modern Tribal platters and side plates are made from resin, hand-crafted in bold styles and beautiful flowing colours. A unique addition to your kitchen, and sure to be a talking point at dinner parties.


Whether it’s to keep eyes open at a long afternoon tea or to accompany dessert after a big meal, coffee is an important part of entertaining guests. Generally speaking, a standard percolator or kitchen coffee machine won’t make enough to satisfy an entertainer’s needs. For that you’ll need a larger percolator – making about 12 cups of coffee – and a carafe to keep it warm. You could even double your coffee capacity by filling the carafe and then refilling the percolator, if your friends are really caffeine crazy.

Never Burn a Roast Again

You know the feeling – you put on the roast, then wander off to socialise and tell yourself you’ll check it in a minute. Next thing you know, you’re halfway through your third wine and the smoke alarm is going off; the roast is a cinder.

The iDevice Kitchen Thermostat is the end of all that unpleasantness. You simply pop the device in whatever meat you’re cooking, and when it reaches the perfect temperature you’ll be alerted via an app on your phone. A perfect roast and more time to chat – how perfect is that!

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