5 Reasons We Love Timber Kitchens

There’s a certain timelessness about timber that makes it perfect for every situation. A strong log cabin can complete your holiday experience and soft, earthy timber works wonderfully for cafes and beachside shopping getaways. Timber perfectly combines business and pleasure into a single streamlined experience that works in every room.

So it’s no surprise that timber kitchens are standouts for their function and design. Let us inspire you to embrace the timber experience by sharing 5 reasons why people love their timber kitchens.

1. Warm and Welcoming

There doesn’t need to be something cooking in your kitchen to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Heavy timber constructions are naturally earthy and exposed, creating a warm and genuine feeling whenever you walk into the room. Make sure there are plenty of windows to enhance this welcoming vibe. When sunshine hits the natural timber floor it not only looks gorgeous, it feels fantastic.

2. They Create Space

One of the biggest advantages of timber kitchens is that they create an invaluable sense of space. The long vertical and horizontal lines that define wood kitchens will make your room look larger at any angle. Timber kitchens are a designer’s best friend if they’re looking to make the most out of a small space.

3. What Character is Made of

Modern kitchens create a sleek, contemporary feeling in your home but they sometimes sacrifice the depth and character of more traditional design. If you want to add an antique touch to your kitchen that blends perfectly with your modern motif, then timber is the way to go. Timber flooring takes the smooth and modern experiences and adds an earthy feeling that doesn’t detract from the 21st century design.

4. Timber Works with Colour

You might think that timber flooring restricts you to darker brown and black colours for your kitchen but you can actually experiment with all sorts of colours with timber. Your timber motif acts a launching point for creative colours and great designs. Consider this example which adds a splash of red to great effect or look at how well green works with this kitchen. With a timber starting point your options are endless.

5. Luxurious Style

While timber works perfectly with a wide range of colours you can also take advantage of its natural hue to create a sense of luxury in your kitchen. Nothing says deep and rich like dark timber colours. Create a room that you will never want to leave with this lavish design.

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