5 Steps to Creating Your Dream Kitchen

While we may cover it up and deny it everyone has their own idea for their dream kitchen. We all have a clear image in our mind’s eye as to what colours we want where and which appliances we want in order to cook the perfect meal. This idea becomes more and more defined as we get closer to home ownership or property investment.

While it can be easy to get a head of yourself financially it is important to go in with a plan with all your options considered. In order to get the most out of your renovation first you must be aware of the steps towards achieving your dream kitchen.

1. Understand your options

Having ideas form in your head is one thing, but the limitations of those ideas is another thing altogether. While it may seem on trend to have a full-sized authentic pizza oven in your kitchen from both a design and practicality standpoint this may not be the best use of space or resources. Do not rush choosing the tangible options that will suit your vision or you will be disappointed.

It also goes without saying that you shouldn’t let your imagination run wild. Work with in practical limitations (space, time, and money) as well as what will work for the long-term life of your room.

2. Determine the function of the space

While the kitchen is classically defined as a food preparation space it can also serve additional purposes. Before you begin work on you dream kitchen you should determine just what additional functions you want your kitchen to serve. Will it also be a family space where you will eat meals? Will family members be going in and out of the kitchen at all hours of the day and night? By understanding what you want your kitchen to do, you will have a clear idea of space requirements and the layout needed. Once you have ascertained your requirements ensure that you obtain accurate measurements of the space to make the build error-free.

When renovating your kitchen space, physical space is probably the most important factor to consider. Being aware of the space that you have available will allow you to understand fully your requirements and can allow you to prepare a contingency should your first choice not fit.

3. Consult with a builder

While you may consider yourself a master planner and builder to go ahead without consulting multiple kitchen builders and designers is extremely foolhardy and most likely may cost you a lot more than you had initially envisioned. By consulting experienced professionals you will ensure a successful renovation.

4. Plan and budget

All it takes is a quick glance online to tell you how many renovation projects have been attempted and how fast they have spiralled out of control. Without clear, methodical, and fully accountable planning renovations are prone to escaping the control of the homeowner. By preparing a concise timetable and accompanying itemised budget you are going a long way to ensuring renovation success.

5. Hope for the best, prepare of the worst

You may have every element of the renovation planned and accounted for but an unforeseen occurrence can still happen, leaving all your plans in the dust. By understanding that things such as employment, the property market, and the cost of raw materials are subject to change you can arm yourself against future woe. Be sure to include an extra amount in your budget just in case the projected costs are larger than anticipated.

By following the steps in this guide you will be in a better position to see through your renovation successfully. For further information on how to conduct kitchen renovations feel free to order our brochure. If you would like to gain a deeper insight into your renovation options, contact us on 02 9416 3365 today.