5 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Amazing

If you’ve got a kitchen that a real estate agent would describe as “cosy” then don’t despair. Even though it can seem inconvenient for storage and difficult to design, your small kitchen can shine just as much as any other.

It’s not hard to get great looking and practical small kitchens with a little bit of of makeover and a few handy hints. If you want a modern kitchen in your smaller space then it’s more achievable then you might think. After all, great things come in small packages. To give you some kitchen design inspiration here are 5 ways to make your small kitchen simply amazing! 

Trick the Eye

Magicians love smoke and mirrors to mystify in their magic acts, but a few well-placed mirrors can work in your smaller kitchen too. Integrate mirrored glass onto cabinet doors and even invest in reflecting countertops. With mirrors everywhere the illusion of space will be difficult to avoid.

Easy to Store Stools

Replace traditional kitchen chairs with a modern looking backless store in order to save space. A more compact seating option can usually be tucked away under a kitchen counter or hide under the dining table. More space to move means more space to take advantage of and that’s a big win for smaller kitchens.

Value the Vertical

When it comes to space most people just think about how wide something is, but the height of your room is important too. If you’ve got some extra space up there then consider taking full advantage of it. Install some cabinets for extra storage space where you can hide away all your clutter. With cabinets that reach the ceiling not only do you make the most of your space but you also create a great storage solution.

Brighten Up the Place

When it comes to decorating your smaller rooms, making the most of natural light is a must. If you have a window handy, make sure it’s clean and ready to let the sun shine in. Using window furnishings like blinds can make sure you never get blinded by the sun while still making your room look larger.

How’s it Hanging?

Walls would have to be one of the most criminally underused spaces when it comes to storage. If you want to make small seem big, then try hanging something off the wall to create some creative storage space. You can hang pots and pans, paper towels and more. Just don’t go too far with your wall storage. Nothing makes a space seem smaller than excess clutter.

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