6 Important Features for a Retro Kitchen

Are you renovating or building a kitchen, but are tired of the monotony of modern kitchen styles? If you don’t want that same boring, shiny design, you might want to go retro.

Retro styles are very popular at the moment – from rockabilly fashions making a comeback to the Americana-themed diners popping up around Sydney and Melbourne – and it’s not hard to see why. There is something so fun about the simplicity, the bright colours, and the playful, unpretentious designs of the 1950s and 60s.

If you want to make your kitchen a love song to the past, there are six essential elements you’ll need to make it hip and really dig it:

Make It Colourful

Unlike the muted tones so common in modern kitchen designs, retro kitchens should be alive with bright colours. Goodbye grey, black, and dark blue – hello tomato red, avocado green, and lemon yellow. Find photos of old kitchens and look at the colour schemes to get ideas. Don’t overdo it though, pick one or two main colours and use others more minimally as accents.

Brighten up Your Tablecloth

To complement that vivacious paint job, fill your kitchen with brightly patterned tablecloths, tea towels, and curtains. You can find high quality vintage-style products or make a day trip to some local op-shops or garage sales to hunt for the real deal.

Laminate Your Bench Tops

Your bench tops should be covered in brightly coloured laminate, rather than made from marble, granite, or other contemporary favourites. Laminated bench tops were all the rage in classic kitchens of the past. Not only will it lend an authentic retro feel, but it’s very easy to clean.

It’s the Little Things

Changing your kitchen’s drawer handles or cabinet knobs for their retro cousins will add a lovely level of detail to your renovation. These gorgeous half-moon drawer handles and cute, colourful cabinet knobs would bring nostalgia to any kitchen.

Groovy Appliances

Vintage appliances are an absolute must for any retro kitchen. Nothing says ‘cool daddyo’ like a SMEG refrigerator or a vintage toaster. You can hunt around for refurbished old technology or take advantage of modern-retro designs like Nostalgia Electronics amazing retro microwave.

Get a Bread Box

No really, get a bread box. Before reliable plastic packaging was common people needed a container to keep their bread from going stale. Unlike toasters, kettles, fridges and other kitchen paraphernalia that was around in the 50s and 60s, bread boxes are almost never seen today. So adding one to your kitchen will complete its transformation from modern to retro perfectly.

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