Eco Materials for your New Kitchen

Whether you’re creating a custom kitchen from scratch, or giving your existing kitchen a facelift, going green is easier than ever.

Creating a more sustainable kitchen can save you money, earn you great environmental karma, and create unique aesthetic opportunities for your kitchen. You can now find eco-friendly materials for counter-tops, flooring, cabinets, and more. We bring you five of the materials best-loved by eco-design experts.


Bamboo grows amazingly fast, it’s totally renewable, and it’s very strong and durable. You can use bamboo in your kitchen for countertops, cabinets, or flooring. Not only is it bonafide better for the planet, it will make an eye-catching and unique design feature. You could even plant some bamboo in your yard and make any repairs you need to from your own supply!


Marmoleum is a very eco-friendly flooring material. As the name suggests, it is a variant of linoleum, but marmoleum is made with 97% natural raw materials – 70% of which are rapidly renewable – and also uses 43% recycled products. One of the key materials in marmoleum is wood flour, a waste byproduct of forestry operations – so not only is marmoleum sustainable, it removes waste from the environment!

Recycled Glass

Recycled glass comes in a beautiful range of colours and can be used to make sturdy countertops or as decorative materials for your kitchen makeover. It’s important to find glass that is 100% recycled, whether it’s post-industrial or post-consumer. Try visiting local recycling plants or asking around at local bars who have a high turnover of bottles – and you can always start keeping your own used bottles.


It may be the ultimate recycling transformation – used paper that’s pressurised until it becomes a workable substitute for stone! The material is strong and uses no petroleum products. You can use it for countertops, partitions, or indoor wall cladding.

Natural Plaster

If you want to give your kitchen an earthy look, try going for natural plaster. Also known as earth plaster, this is a finishing product that goes directly onto dry wall, wood, adobe, masonry, and others surfaces. Natural clay comes in a variety of muted colours, created with natural pigment, and will lend your kitchen an organic look. Plus you won’t have to don a mask to apply it because it’s fume free!

Why Go Green in the Kitchen?

If you want to save the planet and your wallet, going green with your new kitchen or kitchen renovation will help. But it’s not just about using the right materials, it’s also about avoiding toxic glues, grouts and other materials. Ask your local supplier about eco-friendly alternatives. It’s also important to try and source wood from sustainably managed forests whenever possible, and keep your carbon footprint low by sourcing locally. Also think about giving salvage yards a chance – you can find surprisingly high quality pre-loved materials with a little looking, and you’ll save big on costs too.

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