Amazing storage solutions for your contemporary kitchen

It’s easy for kitchens to become overcrowded and messy – as well as food, cutlery, appliances, plates, and frying pans there’s cookbooks, knick knacks, and bottles of wine, plus a whole lot more. Fitting it all in a way that saves your sanity requires some innovation. Here are some great storage solutions you can try for your kitchen.

Slender Corner Storage

Get yourself a tall, thin open-shelving unit or two for kitchen corners. This will allow you to store and sort a lot of stuff without taking up too much floor space. Maybe get a foot-stool too, depending on how tall you go.

Ergonomic Corner Storage

Another option for storage is ingeniously-designed storage units that fit neatly into the corners of your kitchen cabinets. A great example is the Space Corner cabinet from Blum, a must for any modern kitchen. This unique design utilises the space in these tricky spots efficiently with versatile draws that can be customised to fit any bench height. The Space Corner can hold 65 kg and still function smoothly, so you can say goodbye to awkward corner cupboards for good.

Cut Out Cutting Boards

If you have a lot of different sized cutting boards, you know they can eat up a lot of bench space. Corral them all away in a basket and pop it in a corner, or in the pantry – free up that bench space for actual food preparation!

Make Your Pantry Pull-Out

Run out of pantry space, or always thought your kitchen was too small for a pantry? Installing a pull-out pantry, like the ones available from Hafele, is a kitchen design solution that solves both problems. Rather than take up space permanently with a pantry, you pull it out when you need it, then slide it back away. Best of all, it makes your food more accessible and saves you ferreting around for oregano in the back of some cupboard.

Pull-out Cutting Boards Too

A pull-out cutting board saves space in much the same way as the pull-out pantry. Include a hole in the board to brush food scraps through – with a bin underneath, of course – and you’ll be all set.

Swivel Stools Save Space

Want to be able to sit around your kitchen with friends, but not bash into stools or chairs when you’re busy cooking? Put in some stools that fold away neatly in the alcove under your bench or kitchen table. A convenient, elegant, and fun way to maximise your space by customising your kitchen.

More than Just a Bench

Next time you’re renovating your bench tops, consider working some bowl shapes into the benches themselves. This will save you clutter by minimising the actual bowls you need to have out. It will also stop eggs rolling off the bench onto the floor while you’re making an omelette – a huge benefit.

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