Designing A High-Tech Kitchen Presented by House of Kitchens Sydney

Technology is revolutionizing almost every aspect of our daily lives.

From our cars to our homes to our workplaces, technology helps us get things done more quickly and more efficiently than ever before.

And where better to integrate technology than the busiest room of the house?

Unique Tiling Ideas for Your Kitchen

If you’ve been exploring kitchen designs and you’ve been fascinated by the dazzling range of kitchen tiling coming on the market, you’re definitely not alone. Custom tiling is the new high-fashion trend in kitchen design. These new tiling ideas include a fabulous selection of truly beautiful design choices, from the cool, clean look of marble to unique designer tiling with stunning colour schemes.

Tips for Remodelling Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovations can breathe new life into your home. Whether it’s a complete overhaul or a few simple tweaks, updating your kitchen will bring it back to its rightful place as the centrepiece of your home. Here are some basic guidelines when taking the plunge and remodelling your kitchen.

5 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Amazing

If you’ve got a kitchen that a real estate agent would describe as “cosy” then don’t despair. Even though it can seem inconvenient for storage and difficult to design, your small kitchen can shine just as much as any other.

How to Choose a Kitchen Sink

The old saying goes “everything but the kitchen sink” and in the world of renovations, this saying holds true. When considering kitchen renovations, homeowners tend to consider everything but the kitchen sinks, making them nothing more than an afterthought. This is a pity, because a new sink can really complete a project, providing a range of practical and aesthetic benefits.

Budgeting for Your Kitchen Renovation

Most people are very wary when it comes to excessive costs in renovations. They try to manage their budgets and tend to choose the more conservative options in terms of outlay.

The Practical Benefits of Smart Kitchen Appliances

The “Internet of Things” is emerging on the market quickly, and it includes a lot of new smart kitchen appliances. You will probably have seen stories about fridges which can order your milk for you and other similar products.

5 Hot Kitchen Colour Schemes

Have you been looking at some of the new kitchen designs and colour schemes on the market and dreaming about seeing them in your home? If you have, then we have some good news for you. These fabulous new kitchen designs are a lot more accessible, and more affordable, than you might think.

Tips For a Stress-Free Kitchen Renovation

If you’re looking at your options for full kitchen renovations and dreading the renovation process, we have some good news for you – kitchen renovation can be very easy, and fun. With the right team and some forward planning, they can also be budget-friendly Stress-Free Kitchen Renovation Essentials

2016’s Top Trends for Kitchens

Thanks to the expansive size of the space coupled with the fact that it is where all the food is stored the kitchen is often the most visited room in the house. A single-family member will generally make multiple trips in a day there whether they are making a hot drink, raiding the fridge, or cooking a meal.