5 Reasons We Love Timber Kitchens

There’s a certain timelessness about timber that makes it perfect for every situation. A strong log cabin can complete your holiday experience and soft, earthy timber works wonderfully for cafes and beachside shopping getaways. Timber perfectly combines business and pleasure into a single streamlined experience that works in every room.

Simple Ways To Modernise Your Kitchen

So you want a contemporary kitchen for your home but don’t have the time or the money for a full redesign? Never fear, there is a fantastic range of ways to modernise your kitchen without blowing the budget.

Great Ways to Create a Coastal Kitchen with Hamptons Style Design

When you think of the Hamptons what comes to mind? Beautiful beaches, elegant restaurants and a celebrity experience might be three things that you think of. The A-list experience that the Hamptons offers isn’t easy to replicate anywhere around the world but you can create it in your very own home. If you want to wake up in paradise every day you can create a Hamptons-style kitchen of your very own. Here are 8 great ways to create a Hamptons-style kitchen.

Four ways to your fab French country kitchen

If you’ve been thinking about that French style country kitchen, this is the year to tick it off your list.
Here are four key things to consider or incorporate when creating your country-inspired designer kitchen – or if you’re wanting a kitchen makeover the French way.