Unique Tiling Ideas for Your Kitchen

If you’ve been exploring kitchen designs and you’ve been fascinated by the dazzling range of kitchen tiling
coming on the market, you’re definitely not alone. Custom tiling is the new high-fashion trend in kitchen
design. These new tiling ideas include a fabulous selection of truly beautiful design choices, from the cool,
clean look of marble to unique designer tiling with stunning colour schemes.

The popularity of tiles isn’t just about appearances though. Tiles are tough, easy to clean, almost never need any maintenance at all. If they do, they’re easy to fix without major costs and other dollar-based dramas.

Modern ceramic and stone tiles are also a very good investment in your home, for those reasons.

They look great and they’re the ultimate no-fuss flooringcolactually very cost-effective compared to other types of flooring.  The new tiles are also very competitively priced in a very demanding market, and that works in your favour as a consumer.

Choosing Your Kitchen Tiles

There are two ways of choosing your kitchen tiles. One is basically a pretty dull, uninteresting way of reducing your range of choices, and the other is fun and adds a lot of value to your kitchen renovations.

The Wrong Way

This is the “one size fits all” approach.  In this scenario, you’re given a choice between A, B, and C, and you may not really like any of them, or find them inappropriate for your design needs. Forget this option. You don’t have to settle for second-best tiling in any kitchen design. It may be the wrong look, or simply costing you money when you can get something better that you actually do want. Your preferred tiles, in fact, may sometimes actually be cheaper, too.

The Right Way

Simply tell your designer what you want. Designers are experts – they know the prices, they know how to source good quality tiles, and they know how to work with your budget, as well as your design. At House of Kitchens we work with your vision, your budget and your kitchen, catering to all of your needs. We combine design, installation and more, helping you to find everything from fixtures to benchtops and kitchen tiles.

Kitchen Tiles and Renovations

You can select your kitchen tiling at the planning stage. Discuss your choices and colour schemes and really have some fun designing your fabulous new custom kitchen design.

If you’d like some help with your tiling as part of your kitchen renovations in Sydney, Home of Kitchens is your quick fix to find whatever you want. We can help you with design, installation, and custom features.

Just call us and talk to one of our design experts or explore the House of Kitchens brochure.
Our broad range of contemporary kitchens includes all the latest features.

Tips for remodelling your kitchen

Kitchen renovations can breathe new life into your home. Whether it’s a complete overhaul or a few simple tweaks, updating your kitchen will bring it back to its rightful place as the centrepiece of your home. Here are some basic guidelines when taking the plunge and remodelling your kitchen.

Before you do anything, do your homework. Browse through kitchen showrooms, read kitchen design magazines, blogs and websites, speak to friends or family who have recently had their kitchen remodelled. Learn about what is available, the current trends and realistic budgets.

If you are leaving your new kitchen to the hands of professionals, ensure you shop around for not only a good price, but for someone with extensive experience and a good reputation. Ask to see examples of their previous work or consult past clients.

Many people with basic DIY skills have a go at the bulk of kitchen renovations themselves. With a fresh coat of paint, a striking yet affordable splash back, clever lighting and updating small details such as replacing an old faucet and cabinetry hardware, you can transform your kitchen with supplies from local kitchen showrooms or DIY depots.

A well-designed kitchen should be enjoyed for years to come and if you’re not keen on DIY, it’s worth consulting a professional. House of Kitchens in Sydney specialises in new kitchen designs and kitchen renovations. Call (02) 8999 6189 and let the team help design your new kitchen.

5 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Amazing

If you’ve got a kitchen that a real estate agent would describe as “cosy” then don’t despair. Even though it can seem inconvenient for storage and difficult to design, your small kitchen can shine just as much as any other.

It’s not hard to get great looking and practical small kitchens with a little bit of of makeover and a few handy hints. If you want a modern kitchen in your smaller space then it’s more achievable then you might think. After all, great things come in small packages. To give you some kitchen design inspiration here are 5 ways to make your small kitchen simply amazing! 

Trick the Eye

Magicians love smoke and mirrors to mystify in their magic acts, but a few well-placed mirrors can work in your smaller kitchen too. Integrate mirrored glass onto cabinet doors and even invest in reflecting countertops. With mirrors everywhere the illusion of space will be difficult to avoid.

Easy to Store Stools

Replace traditional kitchen chairs with a modern looking backless store in order to save space. A more compact seating option can usually be tucked away under a kitchen counter or hide under the dining table. More space to move means more space to take advantage of and that’s a big win for smaller kitchens.

Value the Vertical

When it comes to space most people just think about how wide something is, but the height of your room is important too. If you’ve got some extra space up there then consider taking full advantage of it. Install some cabinets for extra storage space where you can hide away all your clutter. With cabinets that reach the ceiling not only do you make the most of your space but you also create a great storage solution.

Brighten Up the Place

When it comes to decorating your smaller rooms, making the most of natural light is a must. If you have a window handy, make sure it’s clean and ready to let the sun shine in. Using window furnishings like blinds can make sure you never get blinded by the sun while still making your room look larger.

How’s it Hanging?

Walls would have to be one of the most criminally underused spaces when it comes to storage. If you want to make small seem big, then try hanging something off the wall to create some creative storage space. You can hang pots and pans, paper towels and more. Just don’t go too far with your wall storage. Nothing makes a space seem smaller than excess clutter.

If you’re planning a custom kitchen and you’re a little tight on space, the kitchen renovation team at House of Kitchens can help you. Our experts are the leaders in all things kitchens in Sydney and we can inspire and create great designs and storage solutions. Contact us today or give us a call on 02 9416 3365 to speak to an experienced consultant.

Create more space in your kitchen today

House of Kitchens is highly skilled in creating a brand new designer kitchen big or small – just get in touch with Alan Ryner on (02) 9416 3365 or find out more about our new custom kitchen service. or give us a call on 02 9416 3365 to speak to an experienced consultant.

How to Choose a Kitchen Sink

The old saying goes “everything but the kitchen sink” and in the world of renovations, this saying holds true. When considering kitchen renovations, homeowners tend to consider everything but the kitchen sinks, making them nothing more than an afterthought. This is a pity, because a new sink can really complete a project, providing a range of practical and aesthetic benefits.

M odern kitchen renovations can provide you with all the latest features and affordable prices, so there’s really no reason not to consider your kitchen sink.

They’re inexpensive and efficient, they’re great space savers and they’re practically maintenance free!

Let’s explore the things you should consider for your
kitchen sink.

Choosing Your New Sink

As one of the more practical elements in your home, your choice of kitchen sink will largely depend on your needs. Consider these questions and answers.

Do you do a lot of food preparation and like to be well organised while cooking?

Do you have a large family?

A good large sink can do it all for you. The new tap fittings will also help with water usage.

Do you want a particular style of kitchen sink to go with your décor?

That’s easy. Make sure to check out all of your options, and explain to your designer what you’re looking for, including your usage needs.

Do you need to manage interior space?

A good custom fit-kitchen sink can save space, and help with your kitchen bench layout at the design stage.

Kitchen Sink Prices and Choosing Your Best Design

The good news for homeowners is that modern kitchen sink prices are quite affordable, even for top of the range designs in high-end custom-built kitchens. The best kitchen sink won’t add much, if any, cost to the bottom line, and it will deliver a whole suite of useful features and amenities.

Ask for a range of choices when selecting your kitchen sink, and check out both prices and design features. Please note that if you have the latest modern plumbing, the old sink designs are pretty much passé. They’re not really designed for the new plumbing fittings either, many of which require special tap fitting layouts.

Whether you’re building a modern kitchen or a classic design, a practical masterpiece or an aesthetic delight – there’s a sink to fit your needs. If you’d like to talk to someone about your needs for your kitchen renovation in Sydney, contact House of Kitchens. Download our brochure to see a few style options and contact us to discuss your needs.

Budgeting for Your Kitchen Renovation

Most people are very wary when it comes to excessive costs in renovations. They try to manage their budgets and tend to choose the more conservative options in terms of outlay.

While you’re quite right to be thoughtful and do your own due diligence, you can get the great new kitchen you want at a reasonable price and never have to worry about extra costs.

Here are a few basic rules when it comes to planning and costing your kitchen renovations:

Affordability – There is absolutely no guesswork involved in costing kitchen renovations. Any competent service provider should be able to give you a reliable quote. All you need to do is consider your budget and figure out if the quote provided is right for you. House of Kitchens is a reputable company who can help you to build your dream room. We work with you and provide advice and ideas that meet your budget.

Quality of design and installation – You also shouldn’t need to guess about the quality of your kitchen. Having a strong budget shouldn’t mean sacrificing your design or the quality of the finished work. Partner with a team that offers genuine options that meet your needs, not substandard alternatives and workarounds

Workmanship – Top professional kitchen designers and builders would be truly horrified if there were any issues with the quality of their work. Your kitchen should be exactly as planned and in perfect condition when installed, with good warranty coverage if any work is required.

Planning Your Budget

Costing can be done properly, and transparently, right from the start. You should expect, and receive, a fully documented, itemised costing for your renovations. There should be no “surprises”, no added costs that weren’t mentioned, and no other nonsense.

All you need to do is form a clear idea of costs, and ensure that the quoted price meets your needs. Take a little time to consider your outlays, and remember you can always talk to designers about better, budget-friendly options.

Protecting Your Budget Bottom Line

House of Kitchens is a one-stop kitchen design and renovation company. Our clients tell us what they want, we create the plans to fit their budgets, and our team of experts does the work. If you’re looking for some help getting your kitchen renovations done, talk to one of our experts about your needs.

We’ll be happy to provide any guidance, advice or information you need for your kitchen renovations in Sydney. Give us a call and let’s talk kitchens.

The Practical Benefits of Smart Kitchen Appliances

The “Internet of Things” is emerging on the market quickly, and it includes a lot of new smart kitchen appliances. You will probably have seen stories about fridges which can order your milk for you and other similar products.

The exciting news about this is that it’s all true – there are many smart kitchen appliances already on the market and they do come with some very practical benefits.

With all the major brands putting smart products on the market, these clever items a becoming a must have for your kitchen renovation.

The New Generation of Smart Kitchen Appliances

Some new appliances in modern kitchens include:

1. Kitchen master controls – Your smart home system can send you a text message asking for instructions. Do you want to put everything on “leaving home” mode? This option allows you to configure your kitchen, to a low-power but functional state. It’s a bit like sleep mode, but for your home.

2. Appliance diagnostics – Want your fridge to analyse problems? Just hit the application and find out why you’re freezing all of your veggies.

3. Energy management – With emerging technologies, it just takes a tap or a click to switch your appliances to Smart Grid mode. This is an easy way to save electricity in one of the most appliance-heavy rooms in your home.

4. Ordering options – A fridge that stocks itself is closer than you may think. With smart technologies, your phone can place an order to restock your fruit and vegetable juices. It’s refreshingly simple.

5. Smart plates – Would you like a plate that can count calories for you? It’s on the market now and it’s great for diets and for those who really need to count calories for health reasons.

6. Egg minders – One of the age old dilemmas of the kitchen is knowing when certain foods have gone bad. With a plastic egg carton, some sensors, and a handheld device, it’s easy to check if your eggs are OK.

How Do You Upgrade Your Kitchen to Use Smart Appliances?

You’ll notice that these appliances are all designed for next-generation modern kitchens and relate to in-house systems. The general consensus in the kitchen industry is that it’s a good idea to incorporate these features into your renovations.

The very positive side of the new smart kitchens is that they are extremely efficient, saving you time and money, and reducing energy costs automatically. The other good news is that it’s easy to make your new kitchen ready for smart appliances. A new system master control can be set up, or your new kitchen can be connected to an existing master control as part of your renovations.

To find out more about smart systems and appliances for your kitchen, talk to House of Kitchens today.

5 Hot Kitchen Colour Schemes

Have you been looking at some of the new kitchen designs and colour schemes on the market and dreaming about seeing them in your home? If you have, then we have some good news for you. These fabulous new kitchen designs are a lot more accessible, and more affordable, than you might think.

If you want to check out your choices for new kitchen colour schemes, we have some advice for you.

The New Trends in Kitchen Colour Schemes

Kitchen colour schemes are categorised in terms of their mix of colours and tones, as well as any added colour features. A kitchen may contain multiple colour design elements, including marble kitchen bench tops, single colour cupboards and built in fridges and stoves.

Major Kitchen Colour Scheme Trends

There’s definitely no lack of choices of colour scheme for contemporary kitchens:

1. Monotone colour with dark trim – This is a relatively new design motif, using a simple colour scheme like a muted white colour, with darker trims on kitchen features. This colour scheme delivers an almost understated, elegant look and it does it effortlessly.

2. Two tone kitchen colour schemes – The big trend in modern, custom-built kitchens is a mix of two colours like a warm brown with a similar shade of off-white, for example, for the kitchen and flooring. Other popular colour schemes in this range include the well-known white and grey or darker colour mix.

3. Steel look kitchens – Modern steel look kitchens are extremely popular. Their colour schemes are based on a beautiful gleaming range of steel surfaces, offset with a two tone kitchen colour scheme. This very versatile range of colour schemes often includes special kitchen surface features, like marble benches.

4. Multicolour kitchen designs – These kitchens are typically custom-kitchen designs, incorporating core elements like the sink, benchtops, and cupboards in a mix of two or more colours and tones, with added highlight elements in a different, matching colour.

5. Hot colours – A new trend is the hot colour kitchen, using fiery reds in combination with warmer colours to create a truly fantastic, vibrant look. This type of colour scheme can be absolutely beautiful, and goes very well with a range of different types of flooring, notably tiles and top quality hardwoods.

Tips for Selecting Kitchen Colour Schemes

If you’re in the process of upgrading your kitchen and thinking about colour schemes, be sure to check out all your choices and be fussy. There are literally hundreds of colour schemes and custom kitchen options available and finding the right colours can make or break your kitchens.

Have an enquiry about your new kitchen dreams? Feel free to contact the House of Kitchens team today.

Tips For a Stress-Free Kitchen Renovation

If you’re looking at your options for full kitchen renovations and dreading the renovation process, we have some good news for you – kitchen renovation can be very easy, and fun. With the right team and some forward planning, they can also be budget-friendly Stress-Free Kitchen Renovation Essentials

Before you even get started with your kitchen renovation, there are a few important facts to remember.

Here are the basic facts and some reassurances that you need to know.

1. Modern kitchen renovations can be very efficient and quite quick, even for large kitchens and major renovations.

2. The big issue with kitchen renovations is the design. There’s a huge range of choices, from the ultra-modern contemporary designs to the functional and classic kitchen designs.

3. You can manage costs. All you need to do is give a budget figure which is comfortable for your needs.

4. You can get a custom built kitchen made to order, including full kitchen renovations. You’ll be astonished at the range of designs available. These modern kitchens really do have everything, too.

5. You can actually save money with a kitchen renovation. Older kitchens require maintenance, and old stoves and taps, water heaters, and other fittings tend to be more costly than modern equivalents, using more electricity and water than modern kitchens.

The Easy Way to Manage Your Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations can be fun. Whether you have your dream kitchen in mind or just some design ideas, the process is easier than you might think.

Take Advantage of Expertise

With so many options for your brand new kitchen, the best thing you can do is turn to the experts. By contacting your preferred kitchen renovation specialists, you can arrange a consultation and discuss your budget, your special requirements, décor, design and more.

If you have an idea in mind they can bring it to life or if you need some inspiration they can help there too. The best renovation teams will be experts, so ask questions about design, features, space management and more.

Take Time with Design

Speaking of design, you will really want to take the time to explore your options. With so much customisation available – from French country kitchens to retro designs – it can be easy to get overwhelmed. To combat this, ensure that you specifically put time aside to explore designs. Creating easy-to-meet timelines for different options can ensure that you make the perfect choice without ever feeling rushed.

Consider a Temporary Setup

It’s easy to forget just how important your kitchen is, but having it out of action will serve as a reminder. Sometimes there are easy workarounds for living through a kitchen renovation, such as setting up a temporary side kitchen to do all your essential activities.

If you have nearby friends or family who are happy to share with you then you can turn to them too, either for all your kitchen requirements or just the larger things.

Want Some Help with Your Kitchen Renovation in Sydney?

House of Kitchens is your instant, one-stop solution for kitchen renovations in Sydney. Just tell us what you want and how much you want to spend. We can provide you with a vast range of custom built kitchen renovation options. If you have a design in mind, we can build it for you.

Check out our gallery of new designs, and talk to our friendly experts today.

2016’s Top Trends for Kitchens

Thanks to the expansive size of the space coupled with the fact that it is where all the food is stored the kitchen is often the most visited room in the house. A single-family member will generally make multiple trips in a day there whether they are making a hot drink, raiding the fridge, or cooking a meal.

With the beginning of 2016 fresh new design trends have surfaced, giving renovators a number of selections when wanting to create a contemporary and modern-feeling kitchen space. Based on these trends here are the most popular design and material trends, which will soon be appearing in kitchens everywhere.

1. Timber

Renowned for both its durability and its ability to bring warmth to a space timber surfaces and cupboards are making a comeback. Adding a natural presence to your kitchen space makes the kitchen feel less clinical and sterile while still maintaining the high standards of cleanliness and presentation.

2. Combined Spaces

Historically separated the growing trend of removing the barriers between the kitchen and the living room is set to take off in 2016. By combining the space you are increasing the convenience in transporting food, as well as creating a more comfortable and accessible kitchen. This two-fold advantage also will set your kitchen apart from others.

3. Subdued Shades

Steering away from the vibrant and loud colours or recent years the re-emergence of muted and subdued colours is a key trend to adopt. By integrating these colours into your kitchen area in a subtle way you will ensure that your space stays on the cutting edge.

4. Metal Trimming

The addition of a copper range hood or stylised metal bench edging will bring out the life of your kitchen. While metal tones such as silver and stainless steel are staples of the contemporary kitchen 2016 will see these design options phased out in favour of warmer metallic colours including copper, brass, and gold. This trend signifies an embrace of warmer design values and a noticeable step away from the sterile design trends that have dominated kitchen design in recent years.

5 Signs Your Kitchen is in Desperate Need of a Renovation

Making the decision to renovate your kitchen is not one to be taken on a whim. The high costs and levels of stress that a major renovation can bring may not be worth the reward for merely a cosmetic change. Instead a renovation should be conducted as a response to a larger problem or issue in the kitchen. Before beginning a major kitchen renovation homeowners should take note of the issues in their kitchen to determine the need for renovation. Here are 5 signs that your kitchen is definitely in need of renovation.

1. Dated Decor

Does it feel like you are entering a different time period when you enter your kitchen?

Is the tiling or materials better suited for a decade long since past? If this is the situation that you find yourself in then your kitchen is in dire need of a revamp. By updating the décor of your kitchen surfaces you can instantly bring the space into the modern age.

intuitive and ingenious methods for homeowners to store items. By updating your kitchen with these methods you will improve the space available in your kitchen discreetly.

2. Lack of Space

As your collection of appliances, containers, pots and pans grows and grows with every trip to the shopping centre you will find the available space diminishing. Your kitchen comes with only so much storage space in the cupboards and drawers. Over the past few years kitchen designers have developed intuitive and ingenious methods for homeowners to store items. By updating your kitchen with these methods you will improve the space available in your kitchen discreetly.

3. Flooring Damage

While being easy to clean and install linoleum and tiles these materials can be chipped and scuffed amongst other forms of damage. This damage accumulates over time and eventually can become a hazard (especially if large sections of tile have been chipped and create a tripping hazard). By replacing the kitchen floor you can extend the life of your kitchen, guaranteeing that the floor is safe for everyday use.

4. Burn Damage

Through general use accidents are sure to happen during the day-to-day life of a kitchen. Despite the homeowner exercising complete care during cooking and food preparation things can still get away from you. Cooking on a gas burner stove can, over time, create discolouration of nearby kitchen surfaces. This discolouration is accelerated if a kitchen fire occurs. In the instance that one such accident happens it is a great opportunity to give the whole kitchen an overhaul.

5. Outdated Appliances

The oven is a kitchen staple. In this modern age it is generally accepted as a sure thing that a home will come with an oven and stove top with usually the only exceptions to this expectation being newly-built homes. While a home may come with an oven this appliance may be several years to over a decade old with years of grime and baked-on food remnants splattered around the interior of the oven. This kind of damage, combined with products being used beyond their safe working life, can provide homeowners with the opportunity to replace these appliances while fully renovating the kitchen.