Upgrade To a Contemporary Kitchen Design

When you decide to install a custom-built contemporary kitchen, you will improve both the form and function of your home. The benefits of a contemporary kitchen are twofold: your home will look fresher and more stylish, and modern kitchen designs give you an opportunity to correct any functional flaws in your existing kitchen.

If you like sleek, minimal, glossy finishes you will be spoiled for choice with the wide range of contemporary kitchen designs available from House of Kitchens.

Splashbacks, seamless lines, glossy finishes, and understated handles and fittings are the main features that distinguish the most popular modern kitchen styles. Neutral colours dominate the contemporary kitchen design palette, though the occasional accented pop of vibrant colour is also quite popular.

Visit our Sydney showroom to explore the range of cutting edge materials, including laminate, polyurethane, and various innovative eco-friendly finishes, that set our modern kitchen designs apart from our competitors.

Browse Our Most Popular Contemporary Kitchen Designs

There are countless aesthetic and functional possibilities for you to consider when deciding on a modern kitchen design. Some things to consider are: your storage needs, whether you want an eat-in kitchen, where your appliances will be positioned, and what colours and textures will compliment your floors and walls.

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