Deciding on your new kitchen layout

When redesigning your kitchen, there are a few things that you should consider first of all. Of these, one of the most important things to consider is the layout.

Upon thinking about the layout of the kitchen, it’s not just about picking the colour or the style — it’s good to consider how easy it will be to cook, eat and socialise.

With any kitchen layout, you should address the placement of the appliances (stove top, oven, and refrigerator), the sink(s), the cabinets, the counters, the windows and doors as well as the furniture such as kitchen table and chairs.

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Think about how easy it should be for you to navigate from each and manage the design in a way that allows you to be most efficient. Ensure that the fridge is close enough to the bench top and that your pots and pans storage cabinets are closer to your stove top. Also ensure that a window or door is close enough to your stove or oven for ventilation.

Some of the most common kitchen layouts include; the one wall kitchen, the galley kitchen, the U-shaped kitchen, the G-shaped kitchen and the L-shaped kitchen- some of these can also incorporate an island in the middle.

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