Five Fantastic Kitchen Designs You Don’t Normally See

Has your search for a functional yet modern kitchen constantly taken you to the same designs? Do you want a modern kitchen makeover that makes a fashion statement and will look great for years to come? If you’re ready to reinvent your kitchen into something new and exciting then you need some inspiration.

Kitchen design isn’t just about copying and pasting what’s happened before, it’s about building something unique to you. Mixing and matching different ideas can sometimes be the best way to come up with something great. To help kick start your imagination here are 5 fantastic kitchen designs that you don’t normally see. 

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Something Old, Something New, Something You’ll Never Forget!

Old, new and unforgettable. No, I’m not talking about your wedding day. I’m talking about your kitchen. Matching old with new isn’t exactly a revolutionary idea but just like the original concept turns the traditional into the cutting edge, so too can your modern/traditional design. Imagine a home that looks like it belongs in the next century but seems welcoming and personal at the same time. When you match the right materials it’s certainly possible. Don’t settle for the same old designs. Make something new with something old that hasn’t been seen before! 

Look there in the Sky – It’s a Sensational Ceiling!

Think about all 360 degrees when you’re considering your next design. A sensational ceiling can make all the difference in your kitchen.

What do I mean? Well think about shape, colour and light. Some sleek down lights can set the tone for your entire kitchen and a well-placed window can undoubtedly create something special. A creative ceiling fan that matches your style can really define your space too! 

Steel Yourself for a Style that’s Special

Are you prepared to be brave and bold with your next design? Well then maybe a sleek steel kitchen is for you. It may seem strange to some, but an all steel style will certainly make a statement. If you want to go modern and streamlined give steel a try. 

Awesome Outdoors Meets Delightful Design

Before there was the kitchen there was the cave and before that it was all about the great outdoors. We may have evolved as a species but we will never be able to match the timeless design of nature. You can take advantage of this in your kitchen! If you have a room with a view, build big windows that take advantage of this. If your kitchen isn’t in such an enviable position, try building an outdoor kitchen under a verandah! 

Got a Greater Space? Convert your Kitchen!

Here’s a final thought for you. Have you got a formal living room, an unused study, maybe even a bedroom that would work much better as a kitchen? Don’t hesitate to convert that space and make the most of it. You can take advantage of the original architecture to create a truly unique design. Wondering how it can be done? Check out this barn or this farmhouse, which have both been turned into creative kitchens! 

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