Four ways to your fab French country kitchen

If you’ve been thinking about that French style country kitchen, this is the year to tick it off your list. Here are four key things to consider or incorporate when creating your country-inspired designer kitchen – or if you’re wanting a kitchen makeover the French way.

The French kitchen island

As you know we love to spend much of our time in the kitchen, whether it’s during mealtimes, for that family chat or simply, it’s a great place for quiet reflection and a quick cuppa. French country kitchens tend to include a huge kitchen island, not just for cooking reasons, but for this very purpose of gathering and socialising.

Copper cookware

Copper pots hanging overhead is not only stylish but an incredibly clever space-saver over the kitchen island. This technique is a functional and attractive way to display an array of beautiful French style cooking utensils – and the bonus is the pots will be easy to put away!

Farmhouse decor

You might want to consider installing a farmhouse-style sink that’s sometimes also called an apron-style sink. Not only does it instantly add a touch of French to your kitchen, it’s also great for washing those big copper pots and other more cumbersome kitchen items! Other farmhouse decorative items to include in your kitchen are the farmhouse water jug, wire egg baskets, vintage timber buckets, and lots of black wrought iron accessories including cutlery, candelabras, mirrors, clocks and chandeliers even.

Go for warm and rustic

The warm and cozy feeling is what you’re trying to create in a French style kitchen. If possible, go for the exposed timber beams in the ceiling. Colour-wise, think of a warm and earthy palette that incorporates tans, ochres, browns, terracotta and mustard. Add potted basil, thyme and other plants and herbs on the bench or in the window sill. Use French vintage style fabrics and gingham over furniture for that touch of folksiness.

Voila! Now serving up anything from a simple soufflé to an exotic croquembouche would feel right at home in your new provincial kitchen.

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