Great Ways to Create a Coastal Kitchen with Hamptons Style Design

When you think of the Hamptons what comes to mind? Beautiful beaches, elegant restaurants and a celebrity experience might be three things that you think of. The A-list experience that the Hamptons offers isn’t easy to replicate anywhere around the world but you can create it in your very own home. If you want to wake up in paradise every day you can create a Hamptons-style kitchen of your very own. Here are 8 great ways to create a Hamptons-style kitchen.

White Wash Your World

From cabinets to bench tops, lights, seats and ceilings, most of your room can be white washed to create that Hamptons experience. White is elegant and wonderfully reflective, creating the spacious feeling that is key to this design. 

The Hamptons bonus tip #1: Balance your white with an earthy, rustic colour to promote that costal feeling. A dark brown hardwood floor is a great option here! 

Keep Everything in Frame

Get cabinets with strong, solid lines and frames around their edges to create a more defined look. The use of shape is essential in a Hamptons-style kitchen and framing is a great way to get started. 

Marvellous Marble

With its timeless beauty and its natural feeling, a bold marble bench top is the way to go. A marble bench top will blend perfectly with both your white motif and your rustic design, becoming an irreplaceable feature in any Hampton’s kitchen. 

The Hamptons bonus tip #2: If wooden bench tops are more your style they blend perfectly with that natural Hamptons feeling. 

Bring the Bar with You

Nothing says Hamptons like a beautiful bar where you can end your night. Bring the party feeling home with you by investing in barstools as a great decorative feature. The go to colour is (you guessed it) white but other rich, natural oaky colours might work well too. 

Storage Meets Style in the Hamptons

Create some stylish storage with open shelves in your kitchen. Put your gorgeous porcelain plates on display and create an open look with these stylish storage solutions. Open shelves perfectly complement the earthy, spacious design of a Hamptons-style kitchen. 

Lots of Light

Large windows and windowed doors that let the sunshine in are great for a spacious Hamptons-style kitchen. You can even have prominent frames around your windows to match your furniture. 

High Ceilings Meet Low Hanging Lights

Architecturally, your Hamptons-style kitchen should have a high ceiling to perfect that sense of spaciousness. Consider low-hanging lights with oversized light shades to perfect the feeling of openness and create a casual, costal vibe! 

Put a Surfboard on Your Walls!

A surfboard on your wall could be a great option to complete the costal look. If you’re more into subtlety try to choose from authentic items with a coastal vibe like decorative shells or even diving paraphernalia to scatter throughout your kitchen. 

To create a new Hamptons-style kitchen from Sydney call House of Kitchens on 02 9416 3365 or email us for a quote. If a taste of Paris is more your style check out our tips on creating a French, country-style kitchen.