How to Choose a Kitchen Sink

The old saying goes “everything but the kitchen sink” and in the world of renovations, this saying holds true. When considering kitchen renovations, homeowners tend to consider everything but the kitchen sinks, making them nothing more than an afterthought. This is a pity, because a new sink can really complete a project, providing a range of practical and aesthetic benefits.

M odern kitchen renovations can provide you with all the latest features and affordable prices, so there’s really no reason not to consider your kitchen sink.

They’re inexpensive and efficient, they’re great space savers and they’re practically maintenance free!

Let’s explore the things you should consider for your
kitchen sink.

Choosing Your New Sink

As one of the more practical elements in your home, your choice of kitchen sink will largely depend on your needs. Consider these questions and answers.

Do you do a lot of food preparation and like to be well organised while cooking?

Do you have a large family?

A good large sink can do it all for you. The new tap fittings will also help with water usage.

Do you want a particular style of kitchen sink to go with your décor?

That’s easy. Make sure to check out all of your options, and explain to your designer what you’re looking for, including your usage needs.

Do you need to manage interior space?

A good custom fit-kitchen sink can save space, and help with your kitchen bench layout at the design stage.

Kitchen Sink Prices and Choosing Your Best Design

The good news for homeowners is that modern kitchen sink prices are quite affordable, even for top of the range designs in high-end custom-built kitchens. The best kitchen sink won’t add much, if any, cost to the bottom line, and it will deliver a whole suite of useful features and amenities.

Ask for a range of choices when selecting your kitchen sink, and check out both prices and design features. Please note that if you have the latest modern plumbing, the old sink designs are pretty much passé. They’re not really designed for the new plumbing fittings either, many of which require special tap fitting layouts.

Whether you’re building a modern kitchen or a classic design, a practical masterpiece or an aesthetic delight – there’s a sink to fit your needs. If you’d like to talk to someone about your needs for your kitchen renovation in Sydney, contact House of Kitchens. Download our brochure to see a few style options and contact us to discuss your needs.