Mediterranean style kitchen inspirations

If you want to design your new kitchen with a Mediterranean flair, where you and your guests are whisked straight to Tuscany, Provence or Andalucía, then here are some great kitchen design tips all the way from kitchens of the Mediterranean.

In the Mediterranean, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home and food plays a big role in everyday life. Design your kitchen with this in mind. Make your kitchen a social place, where everyone can gather and take part in the cooking and feasting. An island bench or a dining table in the kitchen is a great way to do this.

Australia is lucky enough to have a similar climate to the Mediterranean, so make the most of it. Allow plenty of natural light and air to flow into the kitchen by making use of large windows and open spaces. In terms of colouring, be inspired by either the Mediterranean seaside, where white and rich azure is prominent, or the countryside, where warm, earthy colours are in abundance. Think tans, ochres, yellows and reds, as well as rich blues and greens.

Beautiful, hand-painted terracotta tiles and mosaics inspired by Moroccan, Greek, Turkish and Italian motifs are very typical of Mediterranean kitchens, as are wood, wrought iron, exposed brick and stonework.  Look for more rustic and traditional materials such as these rather than modern, slick materials such as stainless steel, PVC and coloured glass.

Mediterranean inspired accessories such as a beautiful olive oil cruet, a wine rack where you can visually show off your Italian, Spanish and French reds, hand-painted terracotta tangines and pottery, a classic chandelier, wrought iron candle holders, potted herbs at the window sill etc will all help enhance the Mediterranean charm of your kitchen.

Now it’s just a matter of perfecting your Mediterranean cooking, and you’ll be transported to the Mediterranean countryside every time you step inside your new kitchen.

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