Wonders of Smart Wi-Fi Kitchens

Wireless internet is great tool if you want to look at cat videos or become a trivia night wiz but what does it actually do for you around the home? It might surprise you to know, but a strong internet connection and a little bit of innovation can actually reinvent your home!

In the 21st century, automating your home and kitchen is as easy as a tap of your smartphone.

Do you want your lights to turn on when you walk into a room? Consider it done! Need your lights to switch off and your security to kick in with the press of a button? With automation that’s easy. All of these innovations occur before you even take a step into the home’s most practical room – the kitchen. If you want a designer kitchen that’s also a smart kitchen you can do it with automation. Here are 3 amazing things about these hi-tech, wi-fi, smart and modern kitchens.

Cooking on the Go 

Have you ever started cooking the meat for your dinner before realising that you don’t have any potatoes or carrots? You need to go shopping but who will take care of your meat? Well with Wi-Fi enabled kitchens, cooking your meat is as easy as the press of a button. You can get smart applications that will slow cook your meat that you can monitor and control from anywhere. Go and buy your veggies in the knowledge that with the push of a button you can stop your meat from overcooking. 

Anyone for Coffee?

Similar to a smart slow cooker, there are coffee brewing machines that allow you to schedule your brews throughout the day. Make your next cup of coffee from anywhere and know that it will always be ready to go when you walk in the door. 

Take Control of Your Cook

One of the hardest things about cooking has to be knowing when something is done. Well never fear, because there are now smart thermometers for your kitchen too. Never be left guessing how close your meal is to being complete. These thermometers can link up to your phone and let you know when to do other tasks – like that putting on that desert – based on the remaining cooking time of your main meal.

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