The Practical Benefits of Smart Kitchen Appliances

The “Internet of Things” is emerging on the market quickly, and it includes a lot of new smart kitchen appliances. You will probably have seen stories about fridges which can order your milk for you and other similar products.

The exciting news about this is that it’s all true – there are many smart kitchen appliances already on the market and they do come with some very practical benefits.

With all the major brands putting smart products on the market, these clever items a becoming a must have for your kitchen renovation.

The New Generation of Smart Kitchen Appliances

Some new appliances in modern kitchens include:

1. Kitchen master controls – Your smart home system can send you a text message asking for instructions. Do you want to put everything on “leaving home” mode? This option allows you to configure your kitchen, to a low-power but functional state. It’s a bit like sleep mode, but for your home.

2. Appliance diagnostics – Want your fridge to analyse problems? Just hit the application and find out why you’re freezing all of your veggies.

3. Energy management – With emerging technologies, it just takes a tap or a click to switch your appliances to Smart Grid mode. This is an easy way to save electricity in one of the most appliance-heavy rooms in your home.

4. Ordering options – A fridge that stocks itself is closer than you may think. With smart technologies, your phone can place an order to restock your fruit and vegetable juices. It’s refreshingly simple.

5. Smart plates – Would you like a plate that can count calories for you? It’s on the market now and it’s great for diets and for those who really need to count calories for health reasons.

6. Egg minders – One of the age old dilemmas of the kitchen is knowing when certain foods have gone bad. With a plastic egg carton, some sensors, and a handheld device, it’s easy to check if your eggs are OK.

How Do You Upgrade Your Kitchen to Use Smart Appliances?

You’ll notice that these appliances are all designed for next-generation modern kitchens and relate to in-house systems. The general consensus in the kitchen industry is that it’s a good idea to incorporate these features into your renovations.

The very positive side of the new smart kitchens is that they are extremely efficient, saving you time and money, and reducing energy costs automatically. The other good news is that it’s easy to make your new kitchen ready for smart appliances. A new system master control can be set up, or your new kitchen can be connected to an existing master control as part of your renovations.

To find out more about smart systems and appliances for your kitchen, talk to House of Kitchens today.