Simple Ways To Modernise Your Kitchen

So you want a contemporary kitchen for your home but don’t have the time or the money for a full redesign? Never fear, there is a fantastic range of ways to modernise your kitchen without blowing the budget.

Watch  a video (and photo below) of a kitchen we renovated recently for an apartment in St Leonards, Sydney.

These simple tips take one element of your room and use it to transform the entire area! Create a new focal point in your kitchen with creative, custom design that doesn’t take too much time! 

Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets

If your cabinets are looking run down but you don’t won’t to blow your budget, you can keep your existing cabinets and simply reface the doors. Refacing your cabinet doors will see them removed and jazzed up offsite. As some of the most used, most noticeable elements of your kitchen, new cabinet doors can make the whole room shine. 

Indulge in Something

A single indulgence can transform your entire kitchen but you don’t need to go crazy on brand new everything! If you’re just going to make one big purchase and build the rest of your kitchen around it we recommend your countertops. They are large surfaces that everyone notices and with a new marble look or a classic wooden design (depending on your décor) you can afford to build the rest of your kitchen on a budget. 

Check out a recent kitchen that House of Kitchens remodelled.

Make it White

A fresh coat of paint can reinvent a room and that’s no different with your kitchen. By making white your primary colour you create a bright and spacious feeling while also promoting a simple, consistent design for the eye. 

Something Old, Something New

Modern styling means old is new and new is well… also new! Take advantage of this trend by putting something old and something new in your kitchen. By mixing these two elements the old simply looks antique and the new feels warm and fresh. It’s a win-win for your modern kitchen. 

Curate your Collectibles

 If you have an impressive collection then put it on display in your kitchen. Whether its sea shells or decorative plates, it really doesn’t matter! Collectible items give character to your kitchen and are also a great way to occupy excess space. 

Fruits and Flowers

A well-placed fruit bowl or flower vase can make all the difference in your kitchen. Create a centrepiece that’s naturally colourful and usually comes with a pleasant scent. This will help to create atmosphere in your kitchen, going a long way to making it feel warm, welcoming and modern. 

Get Innovative With Your Storage

There are plenty of kitchen storage solutions that can blend seamlessly with your architecture and slide into place when you don’t want them to be seen. Clear your bench tops and make you kitchen look cleaner than ever! 

If you’re in Sydney and you want to modernise your kitchen with great design, call the team at House of Kitchens on 02 9416 3365 today. Let us inspire you and give you a new custom kitchen at a great price. Email us for a quote to get started.