Designing A High-Tech Kitchen Presented by House of Kitchens Sydney

Technology is revolutionizing almost every aspect of our daily lives.

From our cars to our homes to our workplaces, technology helps us get things done more quickly and more efficiently than ever before.

And where better to integrate technology than the busiest room of the house?

Unique Tiling Ideas for Your Kitchen

If you’ve been exploring kitchen designs and you’ve been fascinated by the dazzling range of kitchen tiling coming on the market, you’re definitely not alone. Custom tiling is the new high-fashion trend in kitchen design. These new tiling ideas include a fabulous selection of truly beautiful design choices, from the cool, clean look of marble to unique designer tiling with stunning colour schemes.

Four ways to your fab French country kitchen

If you’ve been thinking about that French style country kitchen, this is the year to tick it off your list.
Here are four key things to consider or incorporate when creating your country-inspired designer kitchen – or if you’re wanting a kitchen makeover the French way.