The galley kitchen

Named after ship and airplane galleys, and the common layout in commercial kitchens, the galley kitchen is perhaps the most efficient of all new kitchen layouts

With two parallel walls of workspace, appliances and cabinetry and a long narrow space between them, the galley style kitchen allows you to incorporate the working triangle perfectly into the new kitchen designs. It also makes the most of a small area, so is great for those with smaller homes and apartments where space is precious.

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As functional as this kitchen layout is, there are a few drawbacks. The galley style kitchen doesn’t have room for a dining table and is also a difficult layout for sociability, limiting interaction with family and guests. Some galley style kitchens can also be quite cramped.

If you’re considering a galley kitchen when you renovate, there are several things you can do to make the most of this layout. If possible, have the galley open on both sides, rather than just one end. This allows plenty of light to flow through and also better connects the kitchen with the rest of the home. If you’re unable to do this, make use of the end wall. Add extra storage such as a mounted pot rack or make a statement with a kitchen feature wall.

As galley kitchens don’t tend to have a lot of countertop, you are more able to splurge on a top quality surface material such as granite or marble. A beautiful, elegant countertop will amp up the style of your new kitchen and is such a pleasure to work on. Due to limited space, also opt for smaller, compact appliances where possible.

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