The popularity of tiles isn’t just about appearances though. Tiles are tough, easy to clean, almost never need any maintenance at all. If they do, they’re easy to fix without major costs and other dollar-based dramas.

Modern ceramic and stone tiles are also a very good investment in your home, for those reasons.

They look great and they’re the ultimate no-fuss flooringcolactually very cost-effective compared to other types of flooring.  The new tiles are also very competitively priced in a very demanding market, and that works in your favour as a consumer.

Choosing Your Kitchen Tiles

There are two ways of choosing your kitchen tiles. One is basically a pretty dull, uninteresting way of reducing your range of choices, and the other is fun and adds a lot of value to your kitchen renovations.

The Wrong Way

This is the “one size fits all” approach.  In this scenario, you’re given a choice between A, B, and C, and you may not really like any of them, or find them inappropriate for your design needs. Forget this option. You don’t have to settle for second-best tiling in any kitchen design. It may be the wrong look, or simply costing you money when you can get something better that you actually do want. Your preferred tiles, in fact, may sometimes actually be cheaper, too.

The Right Way

Simply tell your designer what you want. Designers are experts – they know the prices, they know how to source good quality tiles, and they know how to work with your budget, as well as your design. At House of Kitchens we work with your vision, your budget and your kitchen, catering to all of your needs. We combine design, installation and more, helping you to find everything from fixtures to benchtops and kitchen tiles.

Kitchen Tiles and Renovations

You can select your kitchen tiling at the planning stage. Discuss your choices and colour schemes and really have some fun designing your fabulous new custom kitchen design.

If you’d like some help with your tiling as part of your kitchen renovations in Sydney, Home of Kitchens is your quick fix to find whatever you want. We can help you with design, installation, and custom features.

Just call us and talk to one of our design experts or explore the House of Kitchens brochure.
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